Complications in Stoma

Patients with stoma may have troubles with stoma from time to time. Most of these problems are not serious and can easily be fixed by rearranging some of your routine, changing to a different product or even changing your diet. The following list includes some of the most prevalent stoma complications. If you have problems with your stoma, you’re Stoma Nurse or gastrointestinal specialist can provide you with help.

The common complications in Stoma:

  • The issues related to skin irritation.
  • The leakage of stoma and the ways to avoid it.
  • When you are required help in case of bleeding.
  • The condition of stoma retraction and the prolapsed.
  • The hernia Peristomal.
  • The blockages in the obstruction of bowel.

You should immediately seek the advice of doctor in case of facing the above mention issues.

The Problems of Skin related to Stoma:

The patients who are having the stoma  they are most likely to have the skin related problems. It will causing the skin to sore and making the patient uncomfortable and causing the bag to have more ruptures and the damage of skin.

These are some reasons for having the irritation due to the condition Peristomal that includes:

  1. The contact of the faecal with the Skin:

The condition of pancaking most like to occur with those who are suffering from colostomy which can lift the bag and causing the output against skin. This would lead to sore and skin irritation. The output of Ileostomy is considered to be more corrosive and the acidic because the colon does not break the enzymes. The enzymes can make the skin to become in the contact by breaking it. Hence it is very important to make assure that the skin should never come into the contact with it.

  1. The appliance of the Stoma that does not fit:

You should be making sure that the cut of hole should be exactly fit able around the stoma carefully. Most providers include a guidance for stoma measurements and templates that allow you to cut the form precisely. Without any breaks, the hole should fit well around your stoma. Note that the hole may not be too tiny for the stoma and produce bloating blisters or sores. To ensure that the size of the stoma has not increased or diminished, you should frequently measure it. The weight gain or loss can influence your hernia size. If your wafer contains plugs, bends or cracks, they must also be addressed in order to eliminate leakage. For filling these gaps, a stoma paste might be applied.

  1. The irritation to the skin caused by the products:

You may develop skin irritation or an adverse reaction towards the bag’s wafer. This frequently causes a redness underneath the wafer’s attachment point, as well as irritation and tears of the skin. The ostomy nurses are required to assist you in minimizing the irritation and suggesting various products to use. Several updates and patches can interfere with the adhesion of your stoma bag, causing leaks.

Leakage of Stoma:

Colostomy leakage is typically caused by an incorrectly fitted stoma bag, the bag suddenly filling rapidly, or the discharge becoming loosened. The majority of ostomates will encounter the infrequent leak, that’s nothing to bother over. Unless the bag filled suddenly, it could be due to differences in diet, a stomach issue, or even something as simple as nervousness and tension.

Avoid the leakage of stoma:

You should check twice if you are having the frequent leakages either the bag of stoma is property fitted or not. You should ensure it that there should not be any gaps in between wafer and hole that are fitted against the stoma. 

The bleeding of stoma:

Blood veins around the top are particularly vascular, which can readily bleed. If your stoma has bleeding, the bag has probably dragged over the stoma and that is most probably not reason for alarm. Exact same thing applies when you purify the stoma bleeding around the borders.

What precautionary measures should be taken in case of the bleeding stoma

If the leaking is originating from within the stoma, you should seek guidance from specialist stoma doctor since this could imply intestinal haemorrhage. If you really are anxious about any leakage from the stoma, feel free to call your stoma doctor.

Retraction and the Prolapse Stoma:

  • The Retraction of Stoma:

The stoma will usually emerge considerably just above surface of the skin. Whether you have colostomy or ileostomy (ileostomy is usually protruding further out) and your bowel size will rely on the protrusion length. The stoma is retracted when the stoma lies resting upon on skin or under the skin. This retraction can indeed be troublesome since it can influence your stoma bag fit and lead to leaks that lead to painful and ruptured skin.

  • The management of the stoma retraction:

The stoma bag with a convex wafer can be fastened to move the stoma, an ostomy belt that supports stoma or blocking rings, or a barrier paste that prevents the skin from exiting. In exceptional cases, your surgeon may suggest that you reassemble your stoma.

The Stoma Prolapsed:

One prolapse occurs when stomachs are more prone to abrasion or infection and stretch to an unhealthy length. 

The management of the Stoma Prolapsed

A prolapsed stoma must be monitored for variations in color and pattern because the supply of blood to the stoma may be compromised. A prolapsed stoma may potentially be blocked to prevent the passage of faeces

Hernia’s Parastomal:

Parastomal hernia occurs when bowel loops block behind the stoma from the weak abdominal muscles. You can typically detect if the noticeable swell or lump behind the stoma has a hernia. It can be bigger. A hernia may produce an incoherent stoma resulting in interchanging gastroenteritis and indigestion. Herniation develops, the stoma can be brought down or produce problems with the stoma.

Symptoms of Hernia’s Parastomal:


  • If the hernia is huge, you could be sick or uncomfortable, especially if your stoma is activated.
  • It could be harder to irrigate or less, since water is struggling with collapsing intestinal loops.
  • The bowel circuits could become horribly mangled and inhibited in the extreme situations, causing intense discomfort and vomiting. In this scenario, it is necessary to seek medical emergency care.

How to Lower Parastomal Hernia Threats

  • Belts of Stoma:

By wearing a stoma belt and supporting specialty underwear, you can assist support your stoma. Approximately 70% of the stomachs are thought to have hernia. To prevent them, people could do few more stuff. In the first three months following stoma surgery, you do not lift anything heavier than a fat and cholesterol; grasp abdominals when you sneeze or cough.

  • Stoma bowel blockages:

Some persons may have partial or total intestinal blockages having stoma because of the maturity of the surgery. These can be induced by particular meals which can be difficult to digest in the gut or caused by adhesion and scar tissue in the intestines which can block the passage of faecal material.

  • Blocking stoma bowel symptoms:
  • Acute abdominal pain 
  • Nausea and purging output

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